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Clerk of Works / Site Supervisor

Delivering Exceptional Quality with Exacting Standards

Elvet Construction Consultants are proficient in delivering both the Clerk of Works role as prescribed in JCT standard forms of Contract and the equivalent Site Supervisor role as defined in the New Engineering Contract (NEC). We fully understand the critical role assumed by both positions in ensuring the end product meets the objectives set out within the client’s brief and works information whilst demonstrating conformance with all statutory undertakings. During our appointment we act as the eyes and ears of both the Client and Project Manager to identify potential problems and mitigate risk throughout the project. Our staff adopt an ethos of collaborative working acting within the contract to help develop a spirit of mutual cooperation which enhances the delivery of any scheme.

We are conscious that defects in construction can be extremely damaging to a project by incurring significant cost and causing delays within the programme. Furthermore, there is often an unseen impact to the client’s reputation, which we will work diligently to protect by enforcing a strong and robust site presence throughout the scheme.  Through the production of accurate and timely reports we will document a detailed account of onsite progress to limit any opportunity for the Contractor to deviate away from the specification and allow us to alert the Client of any ‘Early Warnings’ with potential to negatively impact the programme, budget or quality.

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