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Employers Agent

Elvet Consultants have experienced Employers Agents engaged to deliver a range of projects.

We have experience of working as an employer’s agent at the inception of a project to help develop the initial scheme by:

The above tasks are pre-contract duties to assist our clients before a contractor is selected and appointed to deliver the works.

We are able to administrate the project in accordance with the chosen contract, which could mean that we act as the NEC Project Manager, Contract Administrator or Employers Agent.

The JCT Design and Build Contract is used for building projects where the Employer has defined their requirements and where the Contractor is not only engaged to carry out the works, but also complete the design in accordance with the Employers requirements.

Under the JCT Design and Build Contract the Employer appoints an agent to represent their interests, providing them with the authority to take the decisions and implement actions otherwise assigned to the Employer under the contract.

Elvet Consultants have competent and experienced JCT Design and Build Employers Agents, who have successfully delivered a wide range of high value projects.

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