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New Home Snagging

Defects and quality issues encountered in new homes within the UK have been the focus of a multitude of damning press reports in recent years. These have cited a myriad of issues including skilled labour shortages, reduced programme build times, lack of independent inspection and adoption of non-standard design details as contributory factors.

Seeking sound professional advice from a qualified and experienced building surveyor or snagging inspector is highly recommended when purchasing a new-build property and is typically undertaken before your solicitor completes on the sale to ensure you have leverage to get the defects corrected; however, it can be carried out at any time, whilst the property is covered by the builder’s warranty. 

Our trained surveyors will thoroughly inspect the property and compile a comprehensive report, which clearly details:

Using our snagging service ensures that all defects are corrected before you take possession of the property and you get the property you were expecting and have paid for. 

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