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Public Service: Green Deal Article

Thursday 2nd July, 2015

Elvet Construction Consultants were approached by Public Service to write an article in relation to the risks and opportunities surrounding Green Deal for public sector bodies to accompany an article from Greg Baker MP, responsible for the Green Deal delivery.

Following our accreditation as a Green Deal Assessor Organisation (GDAO), Elvet were approached to write an article for Public Service. They are the provider for all public sector needs, publishing a vast array of publications to suit professionals within the public sector.

Our article was focussed on the impact of the Green Deal for social housing providers and how they can manage the risks and opportunities that this initiative could have in the public sector.  The article is available in Public Service Review: Local Government, issue 22, and can be viewed online using the following links:

For an online PDF version of the article please click here, and go to page 110 of the publication.

Alternatively an online version is available by clicking here.

If you have any queries regarding this article please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 501 8690 or at info@elvetconsultants.co.uk.

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